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Challenges and Goals of implementing Indian Education for All

In the Tribal Perspective for Week 10, we explored the history and intent behind Montana’s Indian Education for All Act (IEFA). For the Tribal Perspective this week we revisit IEFA, focusing upon some of the unique challenges and long-term goals of putting IEFA into action in Montana’s public school system.

In the following clips you will meet Julie Cajune, a Salish educator from the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (Flathead Reservation) of northwestern Montana. Ms. Cajune discusses the challenges she experienced in implementing multicultural curriculum in her local school district prior to the 1999 passage of IEFA (for a history of the evolution of the law please refer to the article by Denise Juneau and Mandy Smoker Broaddus in the reference section below).

In the second clip Everall Fox, a Gros Ventre educator from the Fort Belknap Reservation in north central Montana, discusses the importance of IEFA to both non-Indian and Indian people throughout Montana by breaking down cultural stereotypes and providing accurate and authentic cultural education. Mr. Fox also reflects on his hopes for future generations of Montanans as a result of IEFA curriculum in Montana’s public school system.

Challenges to multicultural education
- 04 min 25 sec

Julie Cajune – Salish

Why Indian Education for All?
- 06 min 22 sec

Everall Fox – A’aninin (Gros Ventre)

NOTE: The resources for this week are also available on Week 10

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