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This week in Maps & Cityscapes we take 3 brief vignettes into: Political Cartoons; 1980 Election Results; and 1980s Revitalization of Downtown Waterfronts.

Political Cartoons: Reagan era

What is the comparison in this cartoon? Who and what are being portrayed?

Reagan-Era Cartoon (from the Milwaukee Journal):

“Are you better off now than you were a year ago?”

Two of Herb Block’s Political Cartoons, from the Library of Congress:

Invasion of the corporate body snatchers, April 21, 1985, Published in the Washington Post. Library of Congress.

Arms payoff for hostage release, November 11, 1986, Published in the Washington Post. Library of Congress

Additional Resource: Link to Newspaper article:
Iran Payment Found Diverted To Contras; Reagan Security Adviser And Aide Are Out, 11/25/1986, By BERNARD WEINRAUB, Special to THE NEW YORK TIMES. Digital History.

1980 Election Results: National Map

Link to this map and accompanying detailed results. You can visit state results from left sidebar on this page.

1980s Revitalization of Downtown Waterfronts - resources

Reclaiming and Redeveloping the Tacoma Waterfront,


Jamison Square, The first park in the redeveloped River District.

Shaping neighborhoods and nature: Urban political ecologies of urban waterfront transformations in Portland, Oregon,
by Chris Hagerman, Department of Geography, Portland State University

Removing Freeways - Restoring Cities, Portland, OR Preservation Institute

Case Study - Portland, Oregon Some examples of best practice principles as other cities create lasting visions for their waterfronts.