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A coalition of University of Washington student organizations call for an all-campus student strike against the war in Vietnam and the killings at Kent State.

More than 7,000 anti-war protesters march from the University of Washington and block the I-5 Freeway.

Photos from Alan Land

Students Mobilize War Protests

This week we provide you with a series of web links about the Vietnam war protests in Seattle, organized by UW students, and a couple of sites for researching the topic.

Seattle Student Protests: see these articles at HistoryLink.org:

UW students participate in national student strike on April 26, 1968.

War statements by Archbishop Connolly prompt four students to walk out on Seattle University commencement on June 1, 1969.

Police from Seattle and King County occupy University of Washington on March 12, 1970, after demonstrations injure 17 persons.

Chicago Seven defendant Tom Hayden speaks at University of Washington on April 3, 1970.

Weeks of protests erupt in Seattle beginning on May 1, 1970, against U. S. entry into Cambodia and to protest the killing of four Kent State students.

1970-71 U.S. Timeline: The Nation in Flux, America's Best History

Students for a Democratic Society, Washington State University Papers 1967-1973. Research collection WSU

Vietnam War Era Ephemera Collection, University of Washington